Re-opening of church buildings: risk assessments




                                                                  Holy Trinity, Normanton-le-Heath

  Where are we with re-opening our buildings? 

  1. At  present,  Packington isn open for private prayer on Wednesdays between 9am and 3pm .
  2. Both churches are open for funeral services limited to 25 mourners. At the present time, singing is not allowed in church and all the usual advice applies about social distancing and sanitizing.
  3. Weddings are  allowed with 6 attending
  4. As from August, Sunday worship  restarted but not on the usual basis. Please check the calendar page for details. 

  Much work and preparation has been going on as we look towards re-opening. The detailed risk assessment can be found here:

  1. Packington /content/pages/documents/1597139332.docx
  2. Normanton /content/pages/documents/1596549456.docx
  3. Weddings protocol as at September 28th 2020: /content/pages/documents/1601225645.docx
  4. Forest Church /content/pages/documents/1609494750.docx
  5. Packington for private prayer /content/pages/documents/1606304519.docx


        Holy Rood, Packington