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Advent Sunday (November 29thwill see Mary and Joseph setting out on their long journey. Photos of their journey will go up each day and you have to guess where they are. Some will be easy, some more tricky to guess. You can download an entry form here /content/pages/documents/1606229704.pdf   or complete it on line here  https://forms.gle/4YCwzuwa1V2d77TD9.

   You’ll see you have to decide which category you want to enter as. Completed entries need to be with us by 28th December 2020. Either submit on line, email to    or drop in at The Vicarage, High Street, Measham DE12 7HZ

The prequel: we go back 9 months

  This is what happened as Mary tells it:

   “One day, I was on my own at my parents’ house.  I was engaged to be married to Joseph but still living with my mother and father. I was looking forward to the day when Joseph and I would be living together. Suddenly, the room was filled with an angel, bright with light. I wasn’t expecting an angel. I was bewildered, alarmed and scared.

  The angel said ‘Don’t be afraid any more’. I stopped being afraid but it was all very strange and unexpected. The angel said to me: “God has given you something very special to do. He will give you a very special baby.” The angel told me that his name was to be Jesus.

    I didn’t understand all this then. How could this all happen? But I was ready to be God’s servant and be apryt of his plan”

   Wasn’t Mary and amazing person! In a few days, she and Joseph will set off on their long journey to Bethlehen where Mary’s baby Jesus will be born. I wonder what that must have been like for them?