Church continues: join in prayer


We are currently into uncharted waters as regards church life.

    There has been nothing like this in national life, and the Coronavirus has underlined our fragility, which has always been there. Everything seems out of control; fear is almost as big a pandemic as Covid-19 itself. It’s so difficult for us to be left feeling vulnerable and unsure.

   However, as followers of Jesus, we have a different story to tell from that of the anxiety that is around us; ‘we are drawn by hope and not driven by fear.’ 

   What does that look like?  It may mean voicing to God our anger, our fear, our confusion, for we are allowed to be honest in talking to him. It will certainly be praying to Jesus Christ, resting in his grace, mercy and compassion, lifting the whole situation into his light. 

   It will be showing love and kindness which also can be infectious, and is stronger than fear.  Mother Teresa said ‘We can do no great things. We can do small things with great love’

    It will be asking our gracious God daily how we can be his love to those around us, particularly those who are vulnerable.  We will need so much God’s love and wisdom with us.

   Let’s hold each other in our prayers during these very difficult and challenging times. We suggest that while we cannot meet physically, we can meet in prayer. Can we join in praying at 9am each morning and 5pm each evening? Here is the form of prayer we have been using in church day by day /content/pages/documents/1584630943.docx. Do use this if it is helpful for morning prayer. Here is a format for Evening Prayer and the bible readings you may like to use each day. /content/pages/documents/1584628844.pdf We’ll be posting other ways of praying in due course.  

  If you need practical help, then let us know. If you need to speak to us, do ring. We are actually at home much more in the light of the cancellation of most events! If you live on your own, does someone know how to contact your relatives if they are not near? Does someone know how to access you house if you’re poorly? We’re not pressing for you to give us that information, but if we can help as family are at a distance, again let us know.

God bless you and us all,

Vivien Elphick (01530 270354)                           Joanne Dyer (07803 295282)

Barry Dryden (07834 688887)                            Wilma Colley (07766 306227)